The child of a raped housekeeper who was deaf, mute, and poor, Jerry Smith had trouble before he even started.

Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear? takes readers through disappointments and failures as Jerry does his best to battle overwhelming odds with a deck seemingly stacked against him. Did God give Jerry more than he could bear? As an aging Jerry ponders this very question, he is diagnosed with an untreatable and terminal lung disease. With nowhere left to turn and a deadline with fate, God then reveals his plan for Jerry’s life. Now, cured of his previously incurable disease but still suffering the damage caused, Jerry has been given new direction and shares with readers his struggles, stories, and wisdom. In these recollections, he reveals hope, a light for the darkest days, years, and even decades. Jerry’s story is the perfect example of how God will use anything for good, even when it seems most unlikely. He now lives to share his story, the hope he has, and how the lessons he learned can change lives.


What if your doctor told you that you only had six months to live, effectively handing you a death sentence?

When Jerry received that diagnosis at the age of sixty-four, it was another in a long line of tragedies throughout his life. His young mother, a deaf-mute victim of rape, abandoned him at birth. His wife and fifteen-year-old grandson were killed. Jerry had attempted suicide. Despite these trials, he wasn’t ready to give up. Instead, he was ready to hunt down a cure, not only for his physical ailment, but for his spiritual self as well.

In this inspiring book, Jerry explains step by step the process that he went through to discover the secrets to finding happiness. Jerry was filled with anger and depression, but he learned to let go of them and to forgive in order to unlock the doors that then led to happiness. Though it might seem strange to some to say that Tragedy, Abandonment, and Murder Led to Happiness, it was those very things that led Jerry along his path to joy.